How Do You Handle Dating Unreliable Engineers

How Do You Handle Dating Unreliable EngineersNo matter how reliable an engineer dating website is, it is impossible to avoid the emergence of unreliable cheaters, and when you are dating with him, what is worse than dating with an unreliable person? You've given yourself time to prepare and dress up for a romantic date with your engineer, only to be told that your date has been cancelled. You must feel very sad and hopeless.

But don't worry, we're here to help you out in this guide to engineering dating. The problem we're trying to solve is dating someone who's unreliable. We'll show you how to avoid it and how to avoid meeting someone who isn't reliable. While you can't eliminate them completely, you can minimize the amount of time and effort they cost and waste.

Make a dating plan
We found that most of the people who complain about the unreliability of their dates are not so reliable, all because they do not have a precise dating plan, which makes them unreliable. If you don't make plans with your date thoughtfully, you'll make them feel casual and give unreliable people an excuse to do the same to you over and over again.

Therefore, when you find the right date, you need to clearly, concisely and deliberately make a perfect one Date plans. You need to have a definite sense of time, so that when you say, "hey, let's go out sometime tomorrow," you're not busy because you've already planned it.

Just as important, you need to get everything straight. Don't just say let's go out, say a date, time and place about the plan. "Let's have dinner together tomorrow night." Is it OK to have seafood at 7 p.m.? "When they agree, you can confirm that you will be there to meet them. If this person cancels with you, you will understand that this person is unreliable.

Be understanding and flexible
We have said that sometimes things will happen by chance, in some cases, the other party may encounter unexpected circumstances and have to give up the date with you, but this does not mean that the other party is an unreliable person, at this time you should give them a little understanding. Anything can happen, and people may not be able to date you as originally planned.

Of course, it's your right to forgive or not. If they cancel for unforgivable reasons, you can give them a pass instead of executing them. Sometimes things happen in our life that we can't control. But if they give you lame excuses, make you feel suspicious, or fail to show you respect in a professional or timely manner, and you still want to see them again, it's up to you.

Date on a quality engineer dating site
Choosing a quality online dating site for engineers is one way to avoid dodgy dates. In addition, we really think you should choose a paid dating site over a free one. After all, there is no such thing as a free lunch. It doesn't cost much to join the site, which in turn reduces the number of unreliable people. While there is no guarantee of getting rid of them all, these high-quality websites do an important job in this regard. In addition, when people invest their money in something, they tend to take it more seriously.

Don't put up with it
Many unreliable daters do whatever they want because they know they can get away with it. They can make plans with a group of people and then cancel them if they want to do something else. There's nothing to lose, anyway, they feel. They know they can apologize for canceling the date and then arrange another date with you, another date, another date. But should you really put up with it?

It depends on whether you want it to end after the first occurrence or more. If you can't stand it, don't stand it. You have no obligation to pay for other people's actions. You need to make them understand that if it happens again, you will never see them again. Let them know you can't stand being bullied. That's what you told them.

In the end, you should remember that you are the most important, and you shouldn't let those who don't care about you get the privilege to hurt you. Don't make other people your priority in life when you're just a choice in their life.

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