Becoming a More Attractive Engineer Starts with Mental Health

Becoming a More Attractive Engineer Starts with Mental HealthI once did a survey through a popular engineer dating website, and one of the guys told me that he had spent years courting women, and his goal was to sleep with 40 women. His response was unexpected, so I asked him, "Dude, why is it so important to you to sleep with 40 women?" Does it make any sense to you? He told me, "the more women I date, the more attractive I feel and the more fulfilled I feel. Then I can feel very happy and confident."

This is not an isolated case. Most men believe that once they have dated a large number of girlfriends or slept with a certain number of women, their self-esteem and self-confidence will magically improve. As a result, men spend a lot of time looking for psychological comfort, lines, tricks, and quick fixes that make them more attractive.

But this is actually the wrong way to go.

It may get you noticed for a while, but it's only temporary because it's superficial. Under your bottom line, false confidence and strategy, you will still be dominated by the same insecurities. As a single engineer, it's hard to get the love and sex you deserve unless you improve your mental health and stay positive about every date you seek from an engineer dating site in order to make yourself a more attractive person. Investing in your mental health is the most effective way to become more attractive. From then on, everything else will start to fall into place.

Cultivate happiness in your life
One of the most fun and effective ways to improve your mental health is to add more pleasurable experiences to your life. Learn to enjoy everything in life. Trust me, you'll attract great people and opportunities.

Here are three things I think work...

1)Take time for yourself. Maybe you used to go on dates where you left your time to the other person and you spent a lot of time, energy and money trying to please them. Now it's time to invest in yourself. So how do we do that? It's simple: spend a few hours alone, turn off your phone, and do something that makes you happy in the real world. For example, playing games, listening to music, walking and so on are all good ideas.

I know some people may find it strange, but how can you know the secret without trying? When we enjoy our own company, our confidence and self-esteem improve significantly (which happens to make you more attractive).

2)Take time for your friends. In fact, in addition to making time for yourself, friends also need your time to manage. Spend time with your friends, organize fun activities, and be a leader in your community. Send a text message to one (or several) of your friends inviting them out for a beer after work. In fact, do it now.

If you're good at planning, organize a get-away trip. Or invite them to a party!

Here are the benefits: first, why do I say be a leader in your circle, because it will not only make you the most influential person in your circle, but also bring unexpected surprises to your love life. When you become confident in your life, you become an attractive person.

Secondly, keeping in touch with your friends will help you build closer interpersonal relationships, open your heart and be curious about the people in your life, which will build up stronger self-confidence. These steps will not only bring you happiness and security, but will also make dating easier because you are better at building relationships than most men.

3)Look into your fears.
Most of us tend to ignore people or things we fear because they are uncomfortable. However, it's never a good idea to ignore your fear. The best solution is to face it head on.

We know that most ordinary people are extremely insecure about money. Why is that? Because most people are afraid of being in debt, afraid that they don't have enough money to live on. In fact, this is the heart of the fear of money, but also a lack of confidence. I know it sounds extreme, but many of our surface stresses have deep roots. By being curious about the thoughts and feelings that bother us, we can better understand and master them. When you stop being afraid of anything, you become stronger.

Mental health problems are unavoidable, but we can control them. Take control of your life now and live each day with joy. Slowly, you will find yourself getting better and better. Just take this on a new rich or engineer date!

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